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About me

My name is Francisco Lorente, I live and work in Orcera, in the mountains northeast of Jaen Province, Spain.

I work making knives since 2007, but my love for knives was born when I was a kid. I began to make knives as a hobby, at that time there was for me a business in the purest sense of the word.
First for entertainment and later for orders, have passed through my hands hundreds of knives during the last years, some I have made myself and others I have purchased for orders from several customers.

Whether some of those made by me, as those bought to learn or to sell them other jobs here at attractive prices, I can not stay with everyone.

Knives and work materials that come from almost everyone blades for USA, Japan, Sweden, Norway and Germany and some of leaf spring Land Rover (5160 high carbon steel) of the scrapyards around here. The handles are woods around the world, from African ebony eucalyptus Australia with special reference to the magnificent woods of the Sierra de Segura, olive, oak, acacia, walnut and cherry among others. Besides employment, and usually have in stock, other materials such as deer horn and buffalo, camel bone, warthog tusk or mammoth molar 30,000 years ago for a special blade. For employment sheaths especially cowhide vegetable tanned, well I have a small stock of other skins, lamb, goat and ostrich, stingray and salmon.

I have a small stock of material for my clients to design a knife entirely to their liking, both blades and other elements to build knives, handles and sheaths.
If you want a special knife for a gift or a particular use please contact by e-mail or telephone.

First blades forging

In early 2010 I began to build my first knife blades in the smithy of my friend Ignacio Quesada, the Orcera blacksmith . I had read a lot and practiced  little about the forge.
Since the September 11, 2008 until the end of 2009 was spent with a significant left hand injury that has limited me enough tasks and completely stopped me from others as the work of steel on the anvil.

Now most of the knives that I make the blades are forged for me.